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Monday, March 26, 2018

My fascination with cars started at an early age and part of it is because I adore having one, whether it be the real thing or not especially when I started receiving gifts from the usual birthday parties and special occasions.

The Classic Jaguar XJ6 Series

All that changed when I was 10 years old when I received my first ever Classic Jaguar XJ6 series die cast model car. It’s 1:18 scale size and looks that would never go out of style introduced me to a whole new world of possibilities because if I couldn’t have the real one at my age back then I felt this would definitely suffice. This car is still kept at my toy cellar, tucked away with my other classic toys which I hope will increase value in the next few years or perhaps be passed on to my kids in the near future. It wasn’t easy to actually do that because the urge to actually feel it in my hands and enjoy it was great but thinking how it could be better to have in the future was even greater. It’s like the real thing, in mint condition, no scratches or dents, in matte green and metal body.

After that gift, I thought of getting new ones but only wanted to stay in classic cars so it was a tough and arduous process to actually see one in toy conventions but I knew I had to find more. It’s limited quantity and licensing means it’ll cost much more than what a 10-20 year old could afford but I skipped lunch and snacks in high school so I could keep the money and pay for it. I now have die cast owner of other classic cars, then moved on to Tonka trucks in an even smaller 1:8 scale.

The construction vehicles pretty much kept me sane in online stores, auctions and even thrift shops in Manila. Most of the public don’t even know the value of these diecast models and I would like to keep it that way so I could get them all at a fair price. Don’t get me wrong I mean I’m not just keeping it for myself and even though I know how expensive it is, I felt it was worth every penny. You won’t believe what I have in my coffers because I’m trying to hold on to them for a few more decades before I do dispose of them. It appreciates in value and I have set my eyes on other diecast vehicles.

NScale Models of Trains in 1:150 scale

A fellow blogger and friend started a new hobby - and got his own lovely diecast trains. I felt envious, suddenly felt a wind to get ones that move or engines with my cars so I could at least have them different. If I have their doors open up, trunk included or the whole thing move, that means it gets more expensive because of its functions. Now imagine expanding my build to actually do a whole community, with real scaled houses and car ports too. It’s a big undertaking, but dreams are made so you have a goal, so it may come true.

I have high hopes drivers, car lovers and enthusiasts like me would start to appreciate these things, and find that no matter how expensive it is, that it’s worth every penny.

I adore my lead and zinc pieces, they get better with age, I’m sure it’s prices will go up in a few years. I may have skipped meals and all but the memories of actually getting the things that I have right now made me realize how even more precious they are to me. This is one of the reasons why I still keep them, the value increase is just a bonus. The happiness I get is insurmountable, priceless, and if you could get more of these model cars and vehicles in your life, you’ll never regret why you started to love die cast toys for the big boys.

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