Where Did Photography Go?!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I am a loner again obviously! But who cares!

I suddenly got so pre occupied with work and a lot of other things that I forgot about this new hobby of mine. I know Photography has taken over my weekend schedules but I suddenly lost interest about a few days ago because when I tried to use a workflow from another photographer, let's just say some comments really did not please me.

I know I should have been more appreciative about what they tell me to improve my craft but I was not really asking for it in the first place. I don't know where that suddenly came from but to think about it, she's got a point. I was not asking for C and C's but she has a point don't get me wrong. I just did not like the way it was brought to me. I did not ask for it any way! If I did ask for it I would have posted it in that category! Sheesh!

Maybe this particular time that I broke off from that usual weekend photography journeys I have done, I did take rest and refuge from the busy world I was in. I think I got the chance to take my mind over being upset about it. I know, you would not be doing that if you were me but I'm a whole lot different than the rest of you guys. I am not ordinary as they say, because I took this hobby to relax and enjoy, not to be criticized without me asking for it in the first place. I was merely trying it out. Here I go being a hermit and listening to Korean songs in my PSP. At least something to get my mind off the other things photography made me stress about. This is not a good week for me obviously!


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