See What A Rainy Afternoon Did To Me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sky Is Crying

I've been so alone all my life... couldn't give my heart to anyone... mantra to self today? NO EMO! NO EMO! NO EMO!

That was the line I was listening to in my head all morning. I was not in the mood to do anything than lounge in my bed and stay put. After all I had a very tiring photo shoot last weekend and that got me to only spend around a few hours of sleep this week. That also jeopardized my chances of going back to the gym since I can't work out while I'm dizzy because of the lack of sleep. Anyway I was able to do so last Friday so that was nice.


See what I mean? Haha! This is nice!

I need to work out more... I am getting thinner I guess because I am fitting in better in my old clothes but I have to work out more. The money I spent for gym is no joke either LOL. I'm spending the weekend in the office now because I got my schedules swapped last week, it was fun though because I had the lotsa great shots on my last photoshoot. Now I am figuring out why I have this camera with me in the office, I don't even have a shoot tomorrow. Maybe I'm itching to go somewhere but I know time would not permit it since I am going to have work tomorrow night. It is hard to be a nocturnal, to work at night when people are supposed to sleep... but in some ways I do enjoy it a lot. More so if you kinda see the fruits of your labor... I'm not that rich but I get by... I am fulfilled in work although I could have more heheh. Not that I'm pushing it LOL. I am in the verge of being promoted but not quite heheh... weird huh?! But don't worry I am going to make some small changes to improve managing work. That is somewhat the path I am taking anyway!

I am a little weird I know, but it takes one to know one right? Hehe Nice meeting you here amused dear reader LOL

I better get ready for tomorrow. I think I'll go back to my University and get some of those old things I ate when I was still there. Maybe that will bring back memories, I want to see old friends too. I wonder how I'll start this, but let me give them a call now and set this up so we could have breakfast there tomorrow =) Let me see if I could get pictures of that too =)



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

would love to see your pictures =)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

would love to see your pictures =)