The Rising Case of Unemployment

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I was watching CNN this evening when I came across a report about the rise of unemployment in the United States. I am a little hesitant about getting my hands into this huge issue because I was working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry; but we are definitely involved in this mess. You might find a job search quite amusing at this time but it could greatly affect our economy. If I went against either country it would really be unhealthy; but there is a common denominator here, everyone needs a job!

There are about 9.5% of the Americans that are currently unemployed. It is almost the same as in the Philippines which is pegged at 7.4%. That particular amount though is still contestable because if you somehow see the real situation from inside the country, it is definitely worst. This statistic may have been only garnered from the metropolis and not the whole Philippines. In my opinion, this may be around 30% more or less but we always could have more that what is really written. Thousands of jobs were lost in the United States because of the financial crisis and the Federal government has tried numerous ways of aiding these citizens via a stimulus package. The problem is, the economy is only slowly recovering and the money is already 3/4 of its way running out. I do not even know if some of the industries would survive without it. Some were saved I know because of the loans that were given to the others but on Automotive and Industrial companies, I think it would depend on the stability after this quarter because some of the banks have not began asking their clients for a restructured form of payment. They are probably not informed too of the opportunity to do so. Families have already gone out of their homes and only grabbed whatever they can of their belongings. Some of them only did bring the clothes on their back and got everything else to be auctioned off or sold as is. It is a pretty rough time for them I know, but the rest of the world also felt this too.

Coming from a middle class family in this country I am also inadvertently involved in the workforce that may have also affected a small part of the United States job loss. But if you think about it too, there may have been more companies closing if they did not resort to have those jobs outsourced instead. That is the point of most them since they only would probably afford to get the job done with half the price rather than keep it within the circulation on a dwindling environment in the US. If you want to talk about India, they can pay 10 people to do a single job in the US. Where else should these companies go to keep themselves afloat? Why should they compromise continuing to do business in the US if the only tax cuts they will receive are going to come from the Federal government who only does this on a temporary basis? In this day and age there should always be quality in the kind of work people are into for the rest of the country. That is the only way they will survive. If you get the right people for the right job appropriate for their skills and experience, then there would be no losses that will be reported annually for these large corporations.

I know it is quite hard now to find a job but I found this article from A HARRISON BARNES about "future prospects that are determined by the company we keep" that talks about people who you need to hire or work with in the first place. If you fall into these categories, no matter what changes you make in your policies; you will still continue to have your other leg in the grave. Making the right choice in the people you hire will make or break you in times like these. This is very important considering each cent you earn or spend needs to be accounted for because it is crucial to the success of your company. This is really a good point executives must take a look so they do not even get people who claim stupendous bonuses in times that they only survived because of federal help. That would really affect the greater picture (the economy) and the individual family. You might want to take a look at the career advice articles that they have on their site. Those were really very fun to start to read since it covers the basics. The street smart point of view was also truly helpful. I understood the most technical terminologies since they gave time to explain each subject further. There are also parts of it that lets you decide your career goal; it is worth to spend your time on while browsing for the other useful items they have for you.

If you want to find a job and be successful at it, you must make the right choice now. Who you are going to spend years with anyway? You must be 100% sure of what path you are going to take since the success or failure of your company will be reflected in your resume. If they make a huge name in their industry then that would be another feather in your hat. Make sure you drop by A HARRISON BARNES too for expert career advice and easy job search that directly gets it from corporate pages. Good luck!


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