Need to Work Out More!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know it is kinda awkward to talk about this now, but when I saw a co bloggers site it made me think about me and my weight problem more heheh. Not that I am worried but I think I need to work out more than the usual. I'm really heavy but considering my built and height I think it is enough. Yesterday i went back after eight days of not working out in the gym, I could not life the same set of dumbbells anymore. Maybe I can but I am really not forcing it, I gained weight again but I probably would lost that again in a couple of days of not eating again. I think I need to make some major changes in my routine since my time has been pre occupied by photography these past few days. I can party but I think it would be better not to drink that much in parties that I will go to.

So for starters, I have to go back and work out on my core and my shrinking biceps and triceps. The chest area apparently held up. I am not that perfect but its a good thing I was blessed with good looks LOL!

Since I am thinking of breakfast, I think I should go for this light roti I found... it can be buttery but I'll have this light and with no sugar to keep in line of my healthy day today!




Yummy Roti Mum!


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