My New Baby Deedee!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a great buy so far, I tested it out on my cam after buying it and it was performing really well. The light was soft even if I was using Ziggy my TELE lens. It was a good thing I waited before I purchased something like this. =)

The DI622 is highly recommended for those who want performance for the buck. A simple firmware upgrade would even get it to support radio triggers and get this to work with all the things you need for a studio. Yeah i suppose I would like to have that soon! I don't want to quit my day job though.... (Hi Boss! heheh =) ) My addiction to portraits and photography itself is getting worse... I would not want to stop my self but if you think about it, everything seems to be getting into place. I'm lovin my work and hobby... hopefully there would be more in store for me this year!


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