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Monday, November 23, 2009


I just had my annual physical exam this weekend and guess what; they said the same thing last year. Nothing changed I guess but to tell you the truth I was worried about my eyesight. I may have been adversely affected by constantly pressing my keys even in the darkest hours. I also am on line almost 18 hours a day and there are times I squint a lot because I guess I am tired. The optometrist and ophthalmologist recommended I get corrective ones because it was slightly off their charts. They mentioned prices but it was way high. Good thing there are $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses that I can purchase on line. It would have cost me a fortune if I got it from the doctor, good thing they have great deals!

Not just that, they have Holiday Fun Eyeglasses too to celebrate the season! I had my eye on this pair above and it looks like I will be wearing blue spectacles until my eyesight comes back to normal. There will be New Arrivals too so watch out for that! Eye wear does not have to be expensive; you can get all of these at an affordable price. Make sure you get the best gift for yourself and get ZENNI!


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