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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know people around the globe despise traffic because they lose precious time and money while on the road. This article however is talking about a different type of traffic; one that site owners like me needs in order to get someone to read our hard written articles. Exposure is one thing but building a community of regular readers is much better, this is where Yovia comes in. It is a one of a kind People Engine.

I shared this experience with some of my peers in the blogging world last Sunday because they were asking me how I get many hits on my web site. If you build a base of people who read content in the Internet with the same interests as you are, then this is really a great way to ensure you get your point across around the world. In this connected age, you can never tell what the one sitting beside you is thinking just by looking at them. But if you read about their thoughts on online journals and see how it progressed, then you have an idea about how they would react to a certain situation or subject. I know it was a little technical to absorb, but I taught them how to make use of the site's potential because people are their expertise.

With the traffic that you will get from their site and the improvement of SEO rankings that you will get, it will never make you wonder why web administrators like me join the club! That is why I also recommended this to my new friends from the event I went to this weekend. Go YOVIA!




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