Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It was not much of a problem for us to agree on one thing, which is going out! It was on Saturday evening that we hooked up bigtime with HYPE Manila and got to cover their ASCEND gig in Fort Bonifacio. I would not want to sound creepy but man! There were just lots of hot girls that night! It was awesome!

I had a blast, just imagine we get to enlive our passion to cover events photography and get to see people in a posh place like that. I would really love to come back there soon because the last time I was there it really did not ring to me as much as it did this weekend. The crowd really improved a lot!





I guess that is one perk of having exclusivity... they really did not get the other people in... I guess its but right to do that since some of them really look weird heheh.

Since I had a great time there, I hope we get to cover it again soon!


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