NOCTURNALS at the Digital Photographer Philippines LOADED Holiday Party and a night at the EMPIRE Superclub and TABOO!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo a sample of Xander Angeles's work =)

The NOCS and I (that's around 20 or more photographers) just attended the DPP Holiday Party last Friday and boy it was a blast! I had so much things in my mind right now that information overload is an understatement. The whole group had so much to thank for; Digital Photography Philippines had some awesome speakers right from the start. Industry leaders, experts in their field showed us their work and made every attendee part of the learning process... fact is, I got to see more than what I could chew in fashion photography courtesy of Mr. Xander Angeles. A New York based photographer that brought this passion of mine into a whole new level. I now have one of his books entitled The XBOOK in my hand, signed and ready for getting my inspiration juices flowing for my photography career. This will be my bible from now until the next few years I take up this craft. His talk was even better!

Ms. Pilar Tuason was so articulate, she got us all at awe with her photos of children, maternal and wedding photography... the outputs were awesome! A few of us were able to get the chance to shoot with her on the Power Plant Mall roof deck after the seminar and replicated all the shots she had a few days ago. The Brazilian Model was extra ordinarily beautiful too. Made me worried if I got married to one someday LOL. The portraiture talk was also awesome since she never hesitated to answer questions from the audience. If you missed it, you missed half your photography life =)

From hereon, I would really try to get my hands on my passion which is fashion photography. I almost quit when I saw Xander's work but when I thought about it he was just there to inspire us. There were endless possibilities on this subject and I only had seen the best, implying there should be major improvement in my skills in the coming months. Expect that to happen.

NOCS was there, DK was there, and the D60KREW was there. They were not just peers, they were all friends of mine sharing one passion. It was awesome DPP got us all together and the event was a total success. We even had second servings in Timog Avenue for a foodie event, then got to EMPIRE and TABOO afterwards... the day did not end because we partied harder until the break of dawn.


Club Empire was cool, if you've seen hip hop inspired movies that had their dancers bumping and grinding... jerking every single time perfectly and in the beat. I can simply compare some of the dancers there with those of Missy Elliot videos, they were just great!

For executives and foreigners, I would recommend TABOO which is just under EMPIRE... though not for the faint hearted, I am sure they will make a niche in this market soon. The ladies there were showing people how intimate they can get, just that and much more! Make sure you drop by soon. I know I will!

Until the next shoot NOCTURNALS!


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