Manny Pacquiao Arrives in Manila

Friday, November 20, 2009

The greatest pound for pound fighter just arrive in Manila this morning and they have already checked in the New World Hotel. The devotees of the Quiapo Church are staying inside because they want to see Manny and his wife Jinkee to attend the 8 or 9 AM mass for thanks giving since he won the fight with Cotto.

A person from my house said that they will actually be seeing him in the DENR compound late this afternoon since he will be going around the metro for a motorcade. Make sure you get out of the way because this will surely cause MONSTROUS TRAFFIC like the last time in Quezon City and Manila.

In other news, it looks like there are only a few people left filing their certificate of candidacy. Presidency seems a mockery because there were weird guys filing their papers, nothing new in this world because nuisance candidates are hounding the long list of people running for candidates.

I'm on my way to LOADED which is an event for photographers in Manila. This will be held in Rockwell so for people like me and enthusiasts don't be left out! Let's get that area swarmed with our cams! =)


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