Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Do you want to know what happened? Yes ladies and germs I watched it already! I will try to sum it up from a non TWILIGHT fan's point of view. Not that I hate it; but its just not in my personality to be a fanatic of movies. I do love watching them though...

The story started in the old highschool they came; from and consequently it was Bella's birthday. As with anyone who had some personality issues, she did not want to have any gifts or have someone greet her. She does not want people looking at her apparently. But oh they so wanted to do it already. Possibly Edward was trying not to turn her into a vampire, but as you know one kiss here and there was already tempting them... then I thought everyone wants to be immortal right?

They got into school, discussing Romeo and Juliet... the professor thought Edward was not listening because he was whispering some stuff with Bella. Of course he had attended school a lot of times and when he was required to say few lines, he sounded like an expert... it was romantic... but I'm a guy so I was not one of those who got excited on that part.

Bella was invited to Edward's house, she was welcomed by them all. She got a paper cut and the vampires suddenly went on a rampage. Almost bit and got her killed too. It was then when she said that it would really be hard to be with Edward. After she got cured by the vampire "Dad"... she went home. The next day, Edward appeared and just decided to go away and get separated from Bella... he did not want to see her again after that.

She went on a couple of trips here and there because it was only when she was in danger that she sees Edward. She found company with Jacob... filling that void that came to her in the few months she was not able to meet Edward. Got on a motorcycle thing so she could end up in danger and meet him. She saw some of Jacob's people looking hard and buff like this:


Yeah I know they looked hotter than I am but its just a bit! LOL

They were all jumping from a cliff, though Jacob was not part of it... he was kinda drawn to join them because he was a real werewolf to begin with. Bella did not know that until she saw some of them transformed. Bella almost got killed by friends and that female vampire that wanted revenge from the first Twilight movie but it was a good thing the wolves all protected her.

Jacob's father got killed though, but it was not enough to stop Bella from almost loving Jacob while still loving Edward... I would not blame her she might have wanted to get YOU KNOW WHAT LOL.

While she was friends with the wolves and that female vampire was trying to kill her, she still wanted to see Edward so she jumped off a cliff which most outdoor divers do. Edward's sister thought Bella died, and so did Edward. Not thinking it was just a sport of some sort. She almost got killed but she was saved from that still. Edward was blaming himself and wanted to get killed by some vampires in Italy. I guess they were some royalty over there. Anyway, it was nice because she was able to see him before they did something bad. They forced some tests on Bella that got them to know that their powers did not affect her. They wanted to make her into a vampire then, but they said Edward will. The sister showed a future thingy where Bella became one so they convinced those other vampires from Italy.

So they went back home. Edward promised never to leave her, while Jacob got broken hearted. They talked a bit but it almost went on to a battle between him and Edward which would tear up Bella if they continued. It looked like there will be another sequel to this movie because a lot of the characters were just shown but was not included in the story. I recommend you watch this movie just for continuity's sake! Please watch the first one so you get to know how these things come up in the next one okay?!

This movie gets 3 out of 5 KUMAGS for a nice plot, at least I did not sleep in the cinema =)



Ken Wooi said...

i think it's gonna be a hit.. but not sure of it's quality.. hoping to watch it soon! =D

Jard The Great said...

hehehe.. NICE!!! will be watching it tonight.. cant wait!