Next Photo Shoot: Weddings!

Monday, November 23, 2009


She is smart and beautiful! Yes! I want to marry her! But this will be the subject of our next photo shoot. I am thinking about what we will do next week since we will be doing a wedding theme. I need to find inspiration; but I knew it was going to be hard to find awesome Wedding Dresses at this day and time. Women need to find the perfect one for this occasion and the simple plain white dress that was used in previous decades have all been phased out. The very best ones come from well known names in the fashion industry. However women have been smart; and we have to admit that not everybody can afford purchasing wedding dresses that costs thousands of dollars. We are all affected by the economic crisis and starting with large ticket items would place us into trouble. How else would we start a family with huge debt? Maybe we can work it out and get some practical alternatives so at least your bride's happiness would not be compromised.

We need to get those great wedding dresses at an affordable price. Everyone goes to Light in the Box to start their quest. I'll tell my friends, relatives and peers about this too!


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