An Eye Check Up?!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It is November and people in the office are in a stir because it is our annual physical examination. No it is not the paper and pen that you need on this one but the doctors and medical staff that would test if you are going to be fit for work. I was lucky enough to have passed all the previous years I was here but I think I'm going to complain about something today. I think I have eye problems now.

I have not been to an ophthalmologist or optometrist yet to have corrective procedures done but I'm sure this is going to be pretty simple. I think I am kind of tired too and I need a lot of rest since I have been going out quite a lot under the sun these past few weeks. Things may have damaged my eyes but I am not sure. I do not want to make things worse so I need corrective action. Is it time for me to wear glasses? Do you think I lost that 20/20 vision I had because of looking too much at computers? Oh I wonder!

The next thing in my mind though is that eyeglasses cost a lot in this side of the world. Even those commercial ones in the metro that promise to get you bifocals in an hour charge thousands of pesos just for a single frame. I could not spend money for that anymore; it just would not stand in line of the utility bills I have to pay. In the quest to find affordable ones, I remember one brand who made huge news in CNN before. It was ZENNI Optical. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is the same on line store that had those $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. I talked about them too a couple of months back.

They also have new Holiday Fun Eyeglasses on their store that seems perfect for the season. I may have to choose the one above though since it is simple enough for my needs. New Arrivals would probably come out next month and I will surely check them out too. I would not want to look old in the frames obviously. I will have to decide soon and I hope my eyes are not that badly damaged. I know everything would be alright.


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