The BROSIX Experience

Friday, November 20, 2009

I work for a corporation that positions itself independent of its accounts. In the BPO industry, you would need to have huge information private and this would need a lot of resources and manpower. Not to mention we are in different buildings structured in one corporate network. How we make our confidential conversations and papers intact needs a huge solution. This is where BROSIX comes in.

We were using free on line chat software before but security was really threatening our business since a lot of viruses and spam were penetrating our network. It was not safe to start with so our MIS Department disabled it from all stations. We had a few days of manual labor and resort to numerous email exchanges. This spelled disaster because everything was too slow to act on and we had some backlogs at work that made life miserable for departments that depend on the fast communication the chat software provided.

After 4 days of defeat, the Brosix IM Client (the company that tripled their customers despite the economic crisis) was installed on our computers. This one department that was separated in buildings now had a substitute for the chat software we used previously. Now it is different but security was tight and got our network back on line. Since it was only on free trial I got to talk to our people at MIS to have this purchased since it has overtaken the usefulness of the previous one we used in the office. It is a simple network solution that worked. Thanks to this awesome BROSIX experience!


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