Christmas Cards Anyone?!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year again and since we celebrate this holiday for 4 months in my country I have to plan my gift giving skills as well. You may already have read before that I have about 100 God sons and daughters who I need to give gifts to. Not to mention the adults who would probably be around the same number; and obviously I do not want to go bankrupt after the holidays so this one is for you!


Yes I know they are adorable! I found these christmas cards from 123PRINT.CO.UK and since my brother is in Ireland he could probably order me some of these so I could give them away here when he gets back on the last week of November. I am sure my friends and family would love them since they all can be personalized. It matters if they know that you care and took time to create these; and put small thoughtful notes on it. I would save a lot considering the high prices today. I would not want to spoil the surprise but I want to share these with my readers. It is the thought that counts after all!

Maybe you should check this one out for starters!



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