I am ADVANCED to become a WINNER by Ms. Olen Juarez-Lim (Career talks by a Professional Image Consultant) at the Medicol Advance The Nation Launch

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Stage at the Activity Area

Ms. Menchu with the Medicol Girls

Ms. Sam O of ETC and 2nd Avenue

I went this Sunday to the Medicol Advance The Nation Launch at the Activity Area of Market! Market! Mall and it was a blast! Together with my friend Ivan Ronquillo, I wanted to attend my first Nuffnang blogger event because I have not been to any of their gigs since I became a member years ago. I know this is almost the 4th year of my site and the time for growth was inevitable. I needed to learn more that what I could chew. Because of the outstanding lineup of winning professionals they got as speakers, I never hesitated to go.

She is the kind lady who helped me register, she was from Nuffnang Philippines!

Registering was a breeze because believe it or not I was the first one who signed up. Being number one on the list had it perks because I got to talk to people from the event, Medicol people, and Nuffnang too. They were courteous enough to get us ready for their program but it started a little late in the afternoon, I didn’t mind at all because we ate lunch and excused ourselves while waiting for it to commence. To tell you honestly, I was there for one of my photography idols Raymund Isaac. I have been ultra passionate about fashion photography and just to hear a few minutes of his advise would spell a humongous impact on what just started as a hobby for me. I know it sounds weird for a huge guy like me liking the work of another photographer, but believe me if you see his work and how respected he is with people in the industry, he is a demigod.

I admit, I was mistaken to have thought that I will really learn a lot only from him because as soon as the first speaker arrived; she already struck a chord in me. Ms. Olen Juarez-Lim talked about passion and how it would make everything in your life easy. Because of the passion you have for your craft, you will never work a single day anymore because you are enjoying it. She had awesome practical examples that captured the audience’s attention; why you may ask? It was because it was simple and it made sense. It was then that I realized that the people who spoke of their field were all going to be good. I was in for more!

Sam Y G of Magic 89.9 speaks in the event

Mr. Sam Gogna or shall we call “Sam YG” was there too. He’s a professional DJ for Magic 89.9 (also known as Shivaker from Boy’s Night Out and legendary afternoon show Eat Bulaga) and did a great job hosting the event together with the beautiful and articulate Ms. Menchu. He talked about his experiences and hardships working in the radio station and why he still got into it despite of hindrances he met along the way. He emphasized on properly managing your career path and setting goals. Even if he had second thoughts about what he was talking about, he did make a lot of sense too.

Among the clientele of Mr. Jason Magbanua are some popular names like Ms. Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Baretto, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. He talked about pioneering the modern Filipino videography industry, making huge risks and having the importance of creativity in work. They also founded http://www.pinoyvideomaker.com as a forum for enthusiasts and as an avenue for professionals. They already are making huge waves overseas holding seminars for the best of the best videographers in the US, Europe and Asia. If you were there watching his work, you would shed a tear or two because you feel emotion come out of the screen. One that I absolutely admired in his work; I plan to embark on this field sometime soon too.

Ms. Camille Farinas Mathay who owns the popular online shoe store http://poshandpurple.multiply.com shared how her passion turned into a huge business. Since she literally loves shoes and fashion, the former plantar fasciitis (shoe addiction) condition turned to something profitable. Now she has her career and she also gets to take care of her family too. She uttered only 3 words why she succeeded, which is to “Follow your Heart!”

The posh Ms. Charmaine Palermo approached us in the beginning of the program and got the blogger beside me (Ms. Queenie Mae of http://expandingterritories.blogspot.com/) and my friend Ivan Ronquillo so she could do a make over for them and get proper after office hours attire. She showed us all how it was done and how to concentrate getting key pieces rather than wasting money for fashion. She really knows what she was talking about because when some of her collection photos were shown, it was all nostalgic. I even saw some people who dropped their jaws after her portion! She made us understand we have our own personal styles and we just need to discover it. That was just awesome because my friends suddenly became models too LOL!

Lights went out and smoke suddenly spurted on stage for a grand fashion show by the one and only Avel Bacudio. The last time I saw his work was in Hong Kong Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter collection in 1999. He was still a budding designer then but now I was impressed on his Red and Black themed dresses and garments as they strut down the catwalk. These were the things I usually take pictures of but unfortunately I ran out of batteries in the middle of the program. I was really happy he did not just talk about it; he practically showed how it was done. That was his great fashion statement!

Aljur Abrenica gave inspiration to the youth present in the event and of course there was pandemonium which was given by his popularity in local show business. He’s one great actor and people should really watch out for him! He gave his fans autographs and photo opportunities. That was real fun!

After a long wait, my muse and idol Raymund Isaac gave a one on one talk for almost everyone. I had to squeeze in a few times before I got the chance to talk to him because even the house photographers were hounding him on the small area he was in. He was so nice and accommodating, there was not a question he wanted to go to waste. I was at an awe staring at him a couple of times… I was only hearing stories of him from other photographers in the DPP Anniversary I attended a couple of months ago. I did not know he was going to be this good. Thank God I got the chance to talk to him even for a few minutes. It made my stay at the event worth while.

This young lady was one of my models in the the Nayong Filipino photoshoot a few months ago. She is Ms. Kates Ocampo. Everyone said she was pretty!
Ivan won this huge CUBIC TDK Speaker in the raffle!

The day ended with my friends being made up. Ivan won a huge CUBIC TDK Speaker… and I learned a lot. I specifically remember what Ms. Olen Lim told us in the beginning of the program which is to have passion for everything that we do. If I want to be successful in life, I have to make that passion the fuel to my performance at work. If I enjoy work, it would be less stressful and effortless. It would make my life easier because I love what I am doing. I learned a lot from Ms. Olen Lim even if this was the first time I got to see her. The words she uttered were all so inspiring! Thank you to the people behind Medicol Advance The Nation Launch because I not only learned a lot from the one I anticipated to listen to; they gave us all these nice inspirational people. It was better because I got to share the experience with my new friends and co bloggers. I will remember today very fondly and I hope to share what I learned to others so I could celebrate more milestones with you, the good people at Medicol Advance and Nuffnang Philippines. I am a winner!


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