Thanks Organizers of NOCS Photoshoot! 10252009

Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a very tiring day! My fellow Nocturnals and I had a photoshoot this weekend in La Mesa Ecopark and I am still post processing my shots for this event. It was awesome and huge! The estimated attendees were about 40 so imagine that size that was shooting 5 models for that day. Not to mention the tiring walks in between because of what the location called for. I was so lucky to have known these guys, and this particular post was to thank a couple of people first for organizing the event.

I know it was kind of out of the question being the thread starter and all but I must say Ismael Alipuddin did a lot than dating the models on this shoot. Aside from the usual denials he did on the coffee dates, he did one heck of a job planning this whole thing and delegate the duties. Jasper Cayabyab on the other hand was busy doing his work on the online profiles; and this one, was able to work out deals with the communication on the members. We also ran a couple of kilometers in the mall to buy food and stuff so that was quite an experience eh?! =P Saui Masanque the main man was able to work out his angels and get the awesome models for us. He sounded weird according to them but it was a darn good job he did confirming them for this shoot. In the next few posts we will be able to discuss some other elements of how this event became a success. Since I am in a hurry, I think these three guys will do... you should visit them (via click) and check out their online portfolios too. =) They are pretty good photographers too like me LOL!

Ismael Alipuddin fixing his camera... no its not broken!

Jasper Cayabyab in action!

Saui Masanque sits and rests after a tiring photo walk =)

Thanks guys! I know I speak for the same deed you accomplished for the rest of the Nocturnals! Great job! and I hope to shoot more with you!

I'll be doing credits for the other sponsors of this shoot soon! You just wait!



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