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Thursday, October 01, 2009

As you may have seen on the pictures I have on the slide show on the left side of my site, I have been an avid fan of on line games since it was introduced here in the Philippines. Without any money or credits, I always find it still amusing to get on my desktop and laptop computer and play those games wherever I am. Even in the times I am in stress I still find time to play because this is the best stress reliever for me obviously.

A new one has just arrived and it is called aion. Have you heard of it? If you are around North America, I am quite sure you already have friends who do. But have you asked them why they play this game? It is a different reality where creatures, monsters and heroes collide. You can also tag along with other players within the server for better experience gain. You will also have the chance to play different aion classes available. If there are some skeptics around you just try the game and there will be a big difference. The game play is easy and navigation is a cinch. Maps are also available quest after quest, make that move and get those buttons pressing for the newest game in alternate reality. Get that fortress and make your friends know that you play this game now! Do not forget to sign up in the aion forum so you can get other players around the world to help you begin this journey!



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