Bath Robe Blues

Thursday, October 08, 2009

When I went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, I stayed in a hotel that was frequently gone to by tourists. The amenities were not as impressive as I thought it would be but for a 4 star rating I expected more than that. After walking and shopping the whole day, I rested and lifted my tired feet before I took a shower. I did the usual thing, soap and shampoo, and a towel was available but guess what; when I looked for a bath robe, there was none!

I know how it feels; the frustration I felt was there. I thought about bringing my own when I was packing but I guess it is too late. A towel wrap would have done wonders in this situation too. If you think about it, the problem should have been fixed by the hotel when I called customer service. Too bad, I had to even wish for an interpreter when I did that ha-ha!

Mom and Dad had to go out and travel quite a bit to get ample amount of things for the shower. It would not be a pretty sight if we had to share towels you know. I wish I purchased that waffle bath robe when we saw it on their web site. Mom could have used that for this occasion. The other one called terry bath robe would be nice if one of us got that too. We would probably get these things the next time we travel again so we would not have any problems anymore.


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