Reminiscing San Diego!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh I still remember the time when I went to San Diego when I was a kid. I went to Sea World and got my first glimpse of mammals from the ocean. The sheer view of Killer Whales and seals got me hooked on their show. I was even invited to participate in their program but only got myself wet in the process. Good thing my Mom was there to change my clothes, or I could catch a cold ha-ha!

I love the sea obviously and it has been my long withstanding dream to have my own san diego weddings on a boat. Who would not like that! Imagine your friends and family enjoying every bit of that special occasion while you start taking in that breeze on a cold summer night. Together with San Diego Dinner cruises around the area, you would never miss the pleasure how to eat in style. I would definitely consider this place if I am going to get married. Maybe soon when my girlfriend shoots me that question, I would be thinking how to get a San Diego Yacht Charter in place. From my childhood, to the day I want to be with someone; this has definitely made my shortlist because wishes keep coming true in San Diego. I'll be back there soon!


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