Addicted to Play Station Portable Again!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The last time I used my Play Station Portable was a few months ago. This was until I got hold of it again one lazy afternoon. I have actually loaded it with a lot of games, but guess what got me interested in it again after those couple of months when I lost interest with it... It was all music videos! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I think I got addicted downloading youtube videos again then put them on my Play Station Portable so I could play them all day!

My current playlist includes:

1. 2NE1 Fire (Space Version including the KRUNG KRUNG hehe)
2. 7Things Miley Cyrus (I don't really like her but she was there when I found it!)
3. American Boy Estelle featuring the hated Kanye West LOL
4. Closer by Ne-Yo (because I like to dance every once in a while LOL)
5. Everything You Do - Christian Bautista (because I was mushy when I downloaded that months ago!)
6. Foolish - Ashanti (yeah I like her!)
7. Get me Bodied by Destiny's Child (because I like the Choreography!)
8. I didn't know I was looking for Love until I found you (because I like the Everything but the Girl)
9. I kissed a girl - Katy Pery ( because I like her songs now!)
10. I wanna F*** you - Akon featuring Snoop Dogg (Yeah I like the ladies!)
11. I'm gonna be alright - JLO (because I just came from a horrible breakup!LOL)
12. Insomnia - Craig David (because everbody else has it!)
13. Just Dance - Lady Gaga (because it's in there!)
14. Hot and Cold - Katy Perry (because I kind like the message of it and I can relate to it a lot!)
15. Thinking of You - Katy Perry (need I say more?!)
16. Life - Des'ree (because I like a happy song!)
17. Stay - Lisa Loeb (because this was played in my genre!)
18. Officially Missing You - Tamia (yeah she is hot!)
19. One Thing - Amerie (because some people seldom know that she sung this song!)
20. Poker Face (because others have it on theirs why shouldn't I?!)
21. Single Ladies - Beyonce (yeah I like em legs jerkin! hahah)
22. Stand Up for Cancer - Divas (at least it has a message of some sort!)
23. Stars - Simply Red (one of my all time favorites!)
24. Say What You Want - Texas (because I like the concert they had where someone suddenly threw a shoe on stage and she cursed that guy LOL!)
25. I hate this part right here - Pussy Cat Dolls (eh why not?!)
26. TSHIRT - Shontelle ( yeah I like the melody)
27. The Fear - Lily Allen (I like em brit pop stars ye know!)
28. When I grow up! - Pussy cat Dolls (Yeah like the stretches they did on this video!)
29. Where have all the cowboys gone?! - Paula Cole (I like the song a lot since high school!)
30. Whine Up - Kat De Luna (yeah that's one song I remember from the clubs here!)
31. Who the Hell are You - Madison Avenue (because I love all her hits!)
32. Womanizer - Britney Spears (now who the hell put that there?! LOL)
33. Nobody - Wonder Girls (an addicting korean danceable song!)
34. You gotta be - Des'ree (I wanna go old school!)

So now you see the content of my PSP, you get to see what music I like too. Most of them are hits from way back but I guess it keeps me pre occupied. I like em a lot! You should compile your own too and use those IPODS you don't use anymore LOL.


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Rad said...

I found my PSP in the close after a few months too, start watching old Lost episodes and playing SNES games via emulator.

Good to see I'm not alone lol