More than a Poker Face

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have been playing poker since time in memorial. I have won a couple of hands when I needed it most but then I know that I have a lot to learn about the game. Because apparently when I lose, I lose a lot!

It could have been easily prevented if I only read some articles in before I went ahead and played a few months ago. I know that just by viewing a couple of paragraphs in the site it has changed my outlook on the game tremendously. Texas Holdem Rules did not indicate what was said there and they will give you professional advice how NOT to lose a game. It was as straight forward as expected and it will teach you a lot. Maybe I have forgotten the basics as anyone predicted but I will continue to improve my game with the help of the things I learned from them. If there was one thing I do regret, it was not reading these articles earlier. I could have saved my self the humiliation of losing to my friends and other people. Time to stretch my fingers and push my luck again on this awesome game! Wish me luck because I need more to this than a poker face!



Badet said...

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

my husband loves that game ^_^