KUMAGCOW FOOD REVIEWS: Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez

Friday, October 16, 2009

I could not quite contain my self when I saw Brazo De Mercedez served in the Ultimate Taste Test Event 2.0. I was invited in this awesome foodie event at the FORT Serendra II by the people behind Our Awesome Planet. I frequently buy cakes like these for my Mom since it is her favorite so I am used to the same old custard filling and rolled up log form that it usually has. But it was not just your ordinary Brazo De Mercedez, the shape, the serving and the taste was quite different; and after a few bites... it seemed quite addicting.

It's a neo Filipino take on the classic Brazo De Mercedez and they called it "Supreme Brazo Bars". It all started February this year when Ms. Ces Lopez helped his son's class raise funds for charity by selling baked treats in Ateneo HS. The goodies were wiped out not too long and people were still asking for more even after the successful event. The rest was history. They came out with different flavors but one stood out as my favorite which is the "Walnut Wander". The lemony custard filling was thick and not too sweet and the walnut was just right to contrast the bite. The foamy outer flaps were soft and when you start to take a chomp it melts like hot knife on butter. It was easy and delicious. I like the packaging too! This would be a sure best seller for Christmas giveaways and presents. I will definitely order since I am a stones throw away from their New Manila office. Their store cum cafe is located in the 2nd floor Food Choices in Alabang Town Center which is located in the South of the Metro. It is a little far from my place but if you are near, the trip would definitely be worth it!

They have lots of other things you should try too:

Brazo Bars (Per Piece - Box of 3's - Half Dozen - One Dozen)

Classic (P35 - P105 - P210 - P420)
Copaco-Mango (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Strawberry Sunrise (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Toasted Coconut Kiss (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Aloha Banana (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Tropical Cashew Crunch (P45 - P135 - P 270 - P540)
Macapuno Summer Breeze (P50 - P150 - P300 - P600)
Walnut Wander (P55 - P165 - P330 - P660)
Almond Shindig (P55 - P165 - P330 - P660)
Pistachio Festival (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Pecan Beach Party (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Heavenly Hazelnut (P65 - P195 - P390 - P780)
Hula Macadamia! (P70 - P210 - P420 - P840)

Shortcake Bars

Strawberry Shortcake (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)
Mango Shortcake (P60 - P180 - P360 - P720)

Other Baked Products

Roti Bars (P40)
Ces' Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie (P60)
Valrhona Molten Chocolate Cake (P80)

Japanese Cheesecake Bars

Lemon (P60)
Praline (P60)
Orange (P60)
Pistachio (P70)

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez
Brazos - Coffee - Shortcakes

Business Address: 62-B 9th Street, Rolling Hills Village, New Manila, Quezon City
Store Location: Ces Lopez Cafe @ Food Choices at the Town,
2nd floor Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Place an Order and Call them Now!
Telephone: +632 722-5638 or 359-3001
Email: supremebrazobars@yahoo.com, ceslopez2000@yahoo.com
Mobile: +63917-8271518
Website: www.SupremeBrazoBars.com

They deliver anywhere around Metro Manila, Quezon City, Alabang or Makati.

Take a bite! It's alright! =)



Reagan D said...

whoa, i lurve brazo cakes!thanks for sharing. (got me mouthwatery.lol)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow ang sarap naman nito...makakarami ako nyan lalo na pag may coke.

Maya said...

isa to sa mga paborito ko.. bigla akong ginutom ha.. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

pahingi naman ng brazo?

Lasher said...

Hmmm..lokks promising...yummm!!

Lasher said...

Hmmmm...looks promising! Yummm...

indarto said...

mmmm...loks so delicious....yummmyyyy

shengy said...


ShedLife said...

this reminds me of of my ex mom..huhuhu

lina@happy family said...

The cake looks amazing, and I think its taste is amazing, too

ShedLife said...

this reminds me of of my ex mom..huhuhu

shengy said...