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Thursday, April 12, 2018

I've written aboout Synergy 88 last year and have high regards with this game studio - they are currently based in my hometown Quezon City, Philippines. 

Aside from making easy work with Microsoft Studio's Gears of War 4, CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the others, here they go with another feather to their hat creating Synnergy 88's newest group the Talent Acquisition and Management Division (TAMD) who's thrust is to tell all things Filipino with contents created solely for platforms Facebook and Youtube.

Ms. Jackie Chua says "We started only creating art for video games and found an even bigger calling, so now we create mobile games of our own. We tackled VR and AR, motion capture and things related to this industry, now we want to tell the story of the Filipino people. Today we're signing up Jacq Monteverde, Opi Eusebio and girl group DigiSquad to be part of our roster." 

Head of the Division Ms Abigail Aguilar says "TAMD of Synergy88 has now been established and thank you for coming. We are backed by the largest mobile developer in the Philippines and we are now maximizing our resources to put in front the Filipino story."

Opi says "This is my first time to have people to manage me, it's overwhelming, and now I won't be taken advantage of. I trust them."

Jacq couldn't contain her excitement and says "Now I am really excited because they are really hands on - and much like family."

DigiGirls Milagring adds "We have been independent for the longest time and even if we have been handled by managers before, this will be bigger. Can't wait to work with them soon!"

For those who don't know, Jacq and Opi have been doing roles, modeling, indie projects whilst the girl group DigiSquad has done different appearances in gaming events and conventions which of late includes ESGS2017. Synnergy 88 is the largest gaming studio in the country, and with these ladies and gents in their helm, they will be able to tell interesting stories worldwide. You may visit and follow their social media accounts for more information about their projects. If you want to book their talents, you may get in touch with Darwin De Leon via +63 917 317 49 20 and +63 2 623 49 20.

This looks so exciting!

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