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Monday, April 16, 2018

My Dad passed away this Tuesday, April 3, he was 70.

I know am still hurting, not fully recovered yet. I don't know what will happen after this but I am optimistic things (even though will not be the same) hopefully will be better for us. We are taking care of Mom, as we always have been doing.

I am just writing this post to thank everyone who have in their own way, showed their condolences while we are still grieving. It may have not been less stressful, less heavy, but know that we are extremely thankful to everyone who have helped us during this time. Please do know that I have read all the comments, private messages, but I'm still contemplating how to answer most of them because the old people are telling me not to say "thank you" even if I really am thankful.

Kidding aside, my heartfelt thanks to all the bloggers and PR Executives who went to the wake of my Dad. It really kept me on top of my toes to see you just being there. You know who you are.

For those who sent flowers, who sent help and even tons of food, THANK YOU

Batch 68 Ramon Magsaysay Cubao HS
ABSCBN Corp Comm
Evelyn Bueno, Alain and Ryan
Batch 95 TCQC
Jessah Marie Lopez
Tita Tootsie, Daisy & Bjomar, Duvhie, Aiko and Emem
BAM Asia
Comco Southeast Asia
Vivo Philippines
Oppo Philippines
Ripple 8
Direk Perci Intalan and Direk Jun Lana
Senator Gregorio Honasan and his Family
Grupo Agatep
Officers and staff of SYKES asia
Honorable Senator Gregorio and Mrs. Honasan
Regine Boo District AIA Singapore, Evelyn, Alain and Ryan
Valles Family
Comco Southeast Asia
Jessah Marie Lopez and family
Ms Annie, everyone at Bridges
PerkComm inc.
Former TV5 PR peeps
All my relatives who put aside their differences and went to see my Dad
My neighbors

Thank you so much for helping us during our most trying times. I know this isn’t enough, but know that everything you have done for me and my family is much appreciated. Again, THANK YOU.

For those who I may have forgotten to mention in this post, my apologies, but know that I do treasure each minute you spared and spent with us and my family. Maraming maraming salamat, my Dad would have been happy to see this all happen. Again, thank you!

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