New Ride Hailing App HYPE to Launch Soon!

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Philippines is about to get better TNVS services as new player HYPE enters the market. Hype Transport brings an option, they know consumers need a choice and they are bringing this all Filipino app in the forefront of TNVS. As of now, they are allowed to register about 65,000 units on their system. They prefer loyal drivers but are totally open for existing members of other TNVS apps as long as they are not blacklisted by other corps or LTFRB. Registration starts online and walkins are being entertained in their small office in Makati but they're planning to put one up in Mandaluyong pretty soon.

John Coduris Chief Tech Officer of Hype "We prepared this since October, all the papers and requirements were worked on since that date. We have more capable programmers, we have pooling and vehicle choices, the commision is competitive which means from 20% to 5% and depends on the trips that the driver takes. Website is at and you can find us at hype pilipinas on all social media channels." 

COO Jennifer Silan of Hype says "We will be very strict with the process of accreditation, training the drivers, we look at the physical condition of the cars, log on on and become a partner. We will schedule trainings and it will be available online. We have registered up to 5,000 cars already, we follow the mandate of LTFRB in choosing cars. We accredit nationwide but will only launch Manila, other cities will follow. No multiple drops yet but it is in the works. During the launche we will provide promo codes and will do the grand launch on the 27th. On May 26, we will be sponsoring a segment on Eat Bulaga, please wait for that."

Nick Escalante Hype's CEO says "We hope we will be part of the solution, to be a partner of drivers and operators, and also the riding public. Our approved rate is competive because it's a flat rate of 40 pesos, and also low rates per kilometer. We do have surge, but only allowed 2.0. We also have a competitive commision, as accorded by the number of trips that the driver takes. You can book us using text, even without data you can book through us. It's no charge to the user at all. We have sms, voice, messaging, hopefully less than a minute communication so passengers would be safe. Hype will be strict on cancellations, block them or suspend, right now we do not have cancellation fees, perhaps 50 pesos later on but we are still looking at it. If the cancellation is done with the driver, it will pay off the customer. LTFRB has approved us, May 19 is the exact date where everybody can download it on Google Play and the App Store, but would be able to use it on the 28th."

Now isn't this good news? Go download the app or register as their partner driver on the dates mentioned. The event on the 27th is open to the public and they will be revealing their celebrity endorser, give away raffle prizes on that day. Make sure you're there okay?

I'll download it as soon as it's available on ios.

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