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Monday, April 16, 2018

I am fond of food, I mean who doesn't right? Well honestly, if it were all affordable I'd probably have more. Saving a buck or two wouldn't be bad either, have you heard about EATIGO? If not then you should know more about it. You will love it the moment you install the app wether on iPhone or Android.

Aside from the lovely restaurants on the app, the discounts are huge! Imagine this April 18, they'll have 50% OFF promos all day, and they're not even joking.

Where you say? Restaurants like Barcino, Dillingers 1903, Alta at Ascott BGC, Gelatofix and Vengo. There are tons more in the the app. WOW Wednesday will have their own section, so it'll be easier to navigate in the app so your Wednesday won't be boring anymore. If you want, you can reserve seats ahead of time 12am on April 16, no fuss! Download it off Google Play or the App Store, it'll be all there!

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