A Few Shopping Essentials This Summer

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I know the struggle, it's hard. Even for a big guy like me, it took a little over 3 shopping trips just to think of this ensemble - and I'm not even joking. Well a little known fact is that you can do this in your own home, just as long as you know  your measurements. If you're confident enough, you would end up with good deals, save a lot so you could splurge a little more on food, the travel experience and pretty much what your loved ones want to do. So I propose you get these few summer essentials so even if you don't get to take a dip in the ocean, you get to still look good and play the part. Trust me on shopping.

First off, plot the look you want to achieve. It's definitely okay to see men show a little skin. The time in the gym alone gives you a sense of accomplishment, this is the time to tease women and show your wares. Trust me on this one bro.

Suntan Lotion - The look of sunkissed brown skin can be hastened by tanning lotions. The color makes you look more masculine, a bit more on the nice equal front so you could proudly show your tan lines without getting yourself sun burnt, just golden and bronze.

Burger Beach Towel - At the end of the day, guys who have humor always get the girls. Who could resist a lip smacking burger when they've all had their diet to achieve their body goals before they did hit the beach. Exactly my point.

Snorkel - When you want to stay a little bit more under the water, you should get yourself some good snorkel gear. It's not only good for you, but hygeinic rather than renting one off from manong boatman.

Muscle Tee - When you want to show off, get a descent muscle tee. This doesn't event cost more than a hundred bucks, since stores have them on sale. At least the ladies get to check you out on the beach with just binoculars on hand.

Men's Casual Shorts - For 99 bucks, this is a steal. Get the more charcoal gray color so even if you're frolicking in the sand you're okay. 

If you are up to it, use my code BSUKIKUMAGCOW on the SHOPEE app which you could download off Google Play or the App Store. Get 80 pesos off on your first 400 peso purchase and get deals on summer essentials like these and more!

What would you wear on a sunny day?

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