Elisse Joson Officially Joins Vivo Family

Friday, April 27, 2018

Went to Market!Market! a couple weels ago for the launch of the latest handset from Vivo Philippines, the Vivo V9. With it's superb cameras that can take AI capable shots, it's definitely something that this generation should definitely consider if they want those selfies to remain perfect, amiable in every shot. 

The gorgeous Elisse Joson has always been seen in her social media channels - she definitely looks so adorable, lovely and very classy. Now I think this is the same reason why McCoy adores her, probably the same reason why Vivo Philippines said it's time to make Mclisse (yes the popular loveteam) a reality - and be together in supporting and endorsing popular smartphone brand Vivo.

The place was full to a brim with McLisse fans, Vivo executives and the media. Got a front seat so when the show started, I only used my Vivo V9 to take these shots, mind you they were a bit far but I'm still getting detailed photos, amazing!

A fashion show ensued and these good looking models showed us how to take selfies and use stickers to have extra fun with the Vivo V9. I think I got the hang of it.

Aside from the stickers, I also love the portrait mode of this phone because man, the bokeh is just awesome!

They announced Elisse Joson as their newest endorser, so that means they just united McLisse in Vivo. But there's something missing, he came in with flowers of course!

McLisse is now complete, and from what I've heard, they are both happy to be together in one smartphone company because they can now take selfies together. They used to refrain from doing it because Elisse wasn't signed up yet, but now they've got more reasons to keep memories using the lovely front and back cameras of the Vivo V9. 

They promise to go around the country in different cities to bring you closer to the brand and yes, the Vivo V9.

I love McLisse!

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