Unbelievable Meal Deals at HIGHGROUNDS Cafe Scout Rallos

Monday, April 02, 2018

Meat Platter with Different Sauces, more good deals at Highgrounds Cafe

I have been here quite a lot but have never seen them serve actual food aside from the pastries. Interestingly enough, it has always been difficult for people to have a decent coffee shop in the Tomas Morato area these days and I’ve never written about this place because I want it for myself - sometimes or often. People flock the Starbucks branches nearby but I’d rather go here (this HUGE one) or other small coffee shops because they have some special perks that your popular one doesn’t even come close with.

This place is primarily the BEST internet gaming hub in the country. Two floors are dedicated and house the latest Predator machines and gamers from across the world (oh yes they did), play here because it’s that good. Now it’s very important for them to have the accorded nutrition so they do have the right amount of eye hand coordination needed to beat other teams. They just introduced new group meals on the menu and I’m ecstatic for you to see how this makes this place even better.

The meat platter we ordered had all the steak lovers drooling. The lovely steak, the huge rib, the quarter chicken and tatsy Hungarian sausage. It was good and of course, it was gone in a few minutes.

Their other meal package had these pizzas on them. I figured we could go back there a few days ago and ordered it. You can choose two pizza flavors, this one had the crust made with squid ink hence the color. Included in it are 5 drinks (you can choose the iced tea flavor), the southern fried chicken (which I’ll show later), a full plate of pasta (I chose Pesto), the two stretched pizzas, plus 5 Korean Ice Cream varieties. Honestly it’s a steal if you can feed 5 people with it.

Fried Chicken, super crunchy!

I like my fried chicken like this, doused in flour, breaded nicely that’s why it comes out extremely crunchy. It’s also got chips on the side so you’ve got more things to talk about while having snacks. They have dirty rice so for people who believe RICE IS LIFE, then you may order that as well.

Salmon with Mushrooms in Ponzu Sauce

For something a little more fancy, they’ve got Salmon on top of mashed potatoes, mushroom pieces, lima beans, ponzu sauce and micro greens. It may look intimidating and a lot, but it’s worth it. Especially if you have female friends, this would be counted as their more healthy option. They prolly had this seared and oven baked before they put everything together. Quite good.

Crispy Pata

For those who crave it, yes they have Crispy Pata. Their dipping sauce is more on the sweet side but you may ask for condiments as you please. I asked for Tabasco and it was easy for them to whip it out because they’ve got good wings too.

For the piece de resistance, they’ve got the hits in their cafe for our dessert. The first of which is Red Velvet Crinkles (my personal favorite), then the cold Brazo De Mercedes, plus the Pistachio Sansrival. Game over. Now if you’re in the Tomas Morato area and looking for wifi connection, Highgrounds Cafe can accomodate you and lease 2 hours of ultra fast wifi connection for every 150 peso purchase. They can also have you use the wifi for a fee; very cheap actually if you’re uploading Youtube videos or downloading stuff, this would be the perfect place for you.

Highgrounds Cafe is located at 67 Scout Rallos Street in between Tomas Morato and Scout Torillo streets in Quezon City. They’ve got real good coffee too. Meal packages for 5 starts around Php 1999 and the other costs Php 2999, but trust me it's a FEAST, worth every penny.

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