Max Confusion

Monday, May 17, 2010

You know, sometimes I think I'm funny. But most of the time, it's really just me. I think I offend people a lot when I talk but believe me I am oblivious to what I am actually doing. I never knew I could hurt them with mere words. I wasn't made that way. At least there was no intention to.

If I could have something changed with my attitude towards other people, maybe it is to care more than have more conflicts with them. I know I am not that evil but sometimes I just don't get why other people couldn't do what they are supposed to. I get mad at them and they tell other people that what I am doing is not right. I sometimes see this all wrong because they were the ones not doing their job and now they talk behind my back like that. Good thing this doesn't happen in the office. Or I do hope so.

Funny, I would probably freak out in a few days if I find out what they think about me. Either that or maybe get another place to do all of the things I want in life. If I'm not happy living here why in the world am I doing this?! FTW!


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