Mole No More!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have cousins who are now residing in Philadelphia and they are living a great life. They are twins and both are nurses but the only thing that doesn't make them identical is the mole on one of my cousins' chin. It was small then but it got to a point where it was already getting big and we feared it might also be cancerous. You know how it is here; when it doesn't hurt you don't normally go to doctors. Since it was already looking bigger than normal they decided to have Mole Removal Surgery. This would not only get my cousins activity become normal but it would make them identical. It was nice to know that for years of looking at them separately I would be able to see them as what they are supposed to be, truly identical.

So after the procedure they went through in the hospital she had it out within the same day. She also went home after that. I noticed she had medical dressing on it to keep it clean. There are also some days that she needs not to talk so the stitches won't be affected. I saw it and it was small. I know it will heal soon and the twins are not going to be easy to distinguish. I will have a lot of laughs if I call them with the name of the other LOL. People in the hospital where they work would probably have a hard time calling them by name now but I guess they will be in separate departments. I'm visiting them soon and looking forward to check out this somewhat new life without that mole!

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