It's Game Time!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's been a while since I have enjoyed surfing the net. I spend a lot of time updating my social network accounts but after all that monotonous brouhaha, I stop and drop what I'm busy with and find things to play. I am a game addict and I admit to spending much of my time at home doing what I have been doing since I was a kid; playing computer games. I never really got out of the habit visiting sites with online games made from flash. I play old school games and new ones too. I never realized that these things got stuck with me until now because I participate in various gaming events still. I do win every once in a while because I try to dedicate time for practice. I practice platform, third person shooter and games and other MMORPG. Even if some of these are award winning games, I never grow tired of playing it. Best of all, I can play anytime and anywhere just as long as there is Internet connection.

My friends and I like puzzle type games too. We also have the habit of playing for bragging rights so we can tell who's smarter. I love how it always ends because I usually win. The race games also get my brother a little agitated and we sometimes fight over who’s going to have on line time even if we repeatedly have proven I’m the better driver ha-ha! The gaming bug just bit us again! I so love it!


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