Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pahiyas Festival had lots of homes decorated with vegetables and food in their walls and leafs made of grounded rice colored in pastel. This one was a close up shot in one of the flowers which at first I thought was just painted and adorned with beads but looking at it this close only shows it was all arranged beans. Imagine how hard it was for them to do this one by one. I like it a lot.

This was the first building we got our eyes into. See how huge this is?! I think this is the winner since they went all out on this one. The strips on the edges are all made of rice and rice stalks. Some of the round objects are all dried flowers and ground rice powder. The colored walls are made of vegetables. The flower petals are all made of anahaw, a plant normally used to make hand fans.

The petals of this flower is made of KIPING which is grounded rice added with water and coloring then put into real leaves and let to set out in the sun. After it dries they either hook them up with sticks like this or arrange them with threads and put them up as lanterns. The middle part of this flower is made of beans obviously.

These are paper mache giants. Made of old clothes and paper. These are worn by strong men on sundays and meant to scare kids. Oh no this is not halloween. LOL
This was the first pair of giants that greeted us when we arrived in Lucban, Quezon the main town where the festivities were held.

This was actually a great day for working out but I did not get to the gym. Apparently it was better for me to get into my house first so I went ahead and did my best to finish post processing my photos. I didn't really finish it but I got to do only several of them. I'm gonna finish the others soon. ^_^


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