Pahiyas Festival Pictures Later!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Credits go to Michael Olino for this shot at the Pahiyas festival.

Okay it's another day today and I would like to tell you about the trip we had in Quezon. This is one town in particular called Lucban. The place was quaint and it didn't have that much establishments on it but oh boy those kids and folks on the street pretty much made the party big. There was also a parade set up by the organizers showcasing the pansit habhab that was so good. I ate until I was tired of the chewy consistency and sour vinegar with it. I love how it paired up with the sweet pungent garlic flavored sausage known as Lucban Longaniza. I bought 4 dozens more just for breakfast too.

When we arrived I had so much hopes for the event since I saw people enjoying it mostly from their stories. Now that I was there to experience it for myself I did go there with an open mind. I enjoyed the food don't get me wrong but the activities there were all cheezy. There were nice ladies here and there. DSLR's everywhere too. Then again, not everyone who has a DSLR is a photographer hehe =P.

I'm gonna post pics later when I get the time to post process. I am so tired and I need to go to the grocer and get some supplies. Mom wants to buy stuff. You know how it is right?! I need to eat too. I wonder how hehe =P.


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