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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I do a lot of paper work in the office and with my management style; I do a lot of documentation than just the ordinary worker. I work in 3 different buildings and we have 3 different locations in 3 regions too. Imagine how hard it is to bring documents physically. If I get some instructions to have signatures I need to mail and have it delivered the next day. I would never meet deadlines if I didn't do that. It has caused me a lot of problems lately. I also have to put in details like company addresses and people who regularly receive my mails can't read my writing on the envelope. I think I need rubber stamps to make things easier. At least I don't have to worry about that!

Like a regular day I would like to speed up things a little as far as processes go. I can also get those special markings so my paperwork signifies things. Meeting people plays a very important part in connecting don't get me wrong; but doing all these measures would get me to at least get over the notion that it wouldn't work otherwise. I used these for putting in dates for other documents and this time in a better clearer form I'm going to use it for my new ones. Isn't that a pretty picture!? I love it!


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Random Student said...

thanks for reminding me about my own set of paper works LOL