Oh no! It's Johnny Rockets!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's high time we do another food review for a restaurant I just visited today. It's Johnny Rockets in Eastwood City.

I ordered a Chili Dog with enormous servings of fries. My co workers ordered Philly Cheese steak with and without the sauteed bell peppers. This was a challenge for me since I was in a diet before this but I know I wouldn't disappoint myself from gorging the actual food I am about to eat. It maybe a question if I can devour that much fries since they offer it all for free.

I started eating the tail end of it and tasted the chili on top and it wasn't really that special. It tasted kinda little older than the chili we buy at 711 and I think the one in the convenience store is wayyyy better. The onion and cheese combination with it plus the sausage made the difference but then again it is a CHILI DOG, which means I need to say something special with the chili... apparently I didn't like it that much.

As with the Strawberry shake I was dripping all those saliva for, it was nothing but vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup. It was not as special as the milkshake McDonalds used to have. I would probably order the malt next time if there would be really a next time.

The Philly Cheese Steak, according to arpee and jessie it was just okay. The size was alright but not as big as the original philly cheese steak, the cost is big but I think what made it worse was the bland taste. Were they disappointed?! Yes... Johnny Rockets could have done a better job at the cheese steak too, properly seasoning it and making the cheese flavor more prominent would be perfect but that would take them a long while before getting some of the people to try out their store.

An amusing thing there though was the dance number they do every now and then. Awkward to look at though when you are inside the diner. All American diner? Nope, not yet! This gets 3 out of 5 kumags since it did fill me up, thank gawd I like fries!


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