Third Day of Elections

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Philippine Elections is not done yet. This will be the third day. Then again, the other presidential aspirants conceded already. The only one left is ex president Erap Estrada who refuse to give up because he says he doesn't know where these votes came from. All these are encrypted and not configured that way obviously and someone has got to teach him a lesson about automation and where the information is coming from, otherwise please give him a handbook for STATISTIC WINNING FOR DUMMIES.

I don't know about what will happen in the next few months but the gentlemen who did concede said that they will help Noynoy run this government. We kinda need all the help we can get obviously. If these guys who promised so much in the election do all the deed they mentioned then this would really be a better country. Why do they have to win the election just to do it right?!

Though the actual swearing in of the Philippine President will be in June I hope they take extra measures to take care of themselves. Politics in the Philippines is so dirty and its not going to be normal if no one attempts to kill you. So, what's your wishes if the Noynot Binay combo happens?!



Unknown said...

yang terbaik untuk kalian.ameen.

kcatwoman said...

kudos to all those who conceded, right!?