Relaxing A Bit...

Monday, May 03, 2010

I took time to stop and do nothing this weekend to do one of the most luxurious things while most people suffer in the sweltering heat of the sun; I took a very long bath in the tub. I got those fancy salts commonly seen in spas and used them to exfoliate because I was turning a little tan even if I haven't seen the beach in a while. It was perfect because no one was at home and the silence was more like therapy in some way. It puts you into a Zen like ambiance and makes you enjoy the refreshing feeling a bath can do. The pretty bathroom vanity my Mom put up inside was perfect since it contained all the soaps or moisturizers I need to perk up a bad mood that day. I woke up in the wrong side of bed I guess but I was feeling a little better after that.

I know there are people already getting sick from the heat and I would not want to be the next casualty. I am so glad I tried it out and I'm planning to make it a regular thing if everything falls into plan soon. I have some products I could use from a contest I won a couple of weeks ago and I know it would make a better regimen if I had this done regularly. I love it!


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