Election High Blood

Friday, May 07, 2010

I really do not like people who dictate and tell other people they are stupid if they don't go with their vote. But I kinda think they have freedom to write whatever they want on their blog. They say their candidate is all nice but they themselves do the SMEAR campaign versus the other candidate, that is just so low for a lady to tell.

Anyway, I still like her blog.

As for this election, what happened in Marinduque was appalling. Imagine the delivery truck just got bombed while in transit. Soldiers and civilians are there and probably got hurt just for these PICOS machines to be delivered. If this happens again while the compact flash cards are in transit today, I'm pretty sure they won't be able to do the tests come Saturday or Sunday as they initially planned.

A lot of problems are arising in this election. People are so nervous about technology. They want everything to be perfect even if this is the first time we're doing this election here. I just say its not right to complain too much on something so simple. It's like betting on a lotto outlet for crying out loud. If that were hard then the stores for these games should be closed as they are demanding it to be.

It's not perfect. It's new. We have to be optimistic. Politicians and people are nervous because they couldn't cheat anymore. Your days are numbered. So go to your precincts and make that vote count, else, don't complain on the next government okay?!


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