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Friday, May 07, 2010

I must say that it has been a very hectic month for me and my office mates because Boss is in town. This is part of his semiannual visit and we usually do reports up to our necks at these times and to tell you the truth; I am not surprised. The accuracy and reporting we do covers the activities we have done for that same period and we need all the documents to back up our projects for the next few months so we could appropriate funding for these too. On the day itself we also ran out of ink on our Desk jet printer so we had to run and get supplies from the administration department. They begged off and said we had to find our own cheap ink cartridges and just reimburse the cost later. In just the nick of time we had our slides printed out and ready to go and tell the tale of our project. I really got nervous!

When it was my turn to talk in the podium, I mustered up all confidence and started explaining the statistics. My forte was graphs and tables so I didn't waste time starting on numbers indicated on the spread sheet. I compared data from last year and made a few suggestions on how we can improve overall. I also made some plans how we can eliminate spending too much by allocating budgets for office supplies and printing on back pages if the documents are just for ordinary notes. I love how we got to start with the prints we had that day which my boss loved. Someday, somehow it showed how much we care for our business. I love how it worked for us efficiently and it's just almost half the price!


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