Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think I have been stressed for the longest time now and I need healing. Not just your ordinary rest and medicine but I need one that would be able to affect me internally. Things like these you need to take a chance going to spiritual leaders that would be able to make you meditate and think clearly. I must get one of those Crystal Singing Bowls from Silver Sky Imports to help achieve SHANGRI-LA. There are times when I can slightly meditate while having a cup of tea. When I am smelling chamomile or anything close to that over English scones or biscuits I really am in a state of calm. I like it a lot and if I hear anything that would make the ambiance more serene; that would be just fantastic!

The singing bowls from their store kind of remind me of what the DALAI LAMA used in Tibet. There are a lot of other handicrafts there too. It's only one tone from that bowl though that would be a signal to go deeper in your "state of mind". It's what makes me think a lot easier in fact. I hope I have one at home so if I go into a couple of YOGA positions I would still have something to meditate with right after. I need a break... and if it means that I have to do it this way I would gladly oblige.

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