Good Benefits!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My Mom and Dad retired from their jobs a few years ago and we are generally just spending their well deserved rest at home. They are in the same situation though because after they retired from their respective companies Mom and Dad got their lump sum pension. Mom worked in the government for over 25 years and she is a public school teacher. She went up the ranks and eventually became Assistant Principal. After a few years she just got stressed and tired and it was really getting toxic. She was supposed to get her master's degree and get the Principal position on other schools but she begged off because she was already fulfilled and a little tired of work politics. Dad worked in an aviation corporation as an HR Executive and he is in charge of getting people their social security transactions. If something was to take part between the corporation and other institutions like SSS or GSIS he is surely going to be the one to talk to. He did a great job and spent 20 years climbing the ranks and he was well rewarded after 25 years of service. He played basketball for the corporation too and they won a lot of games for them. It brought prestige because my Dad was a former college star player and that is one way of going professional. In its truest sense; they have done a very good job.

They both got the lump sum of their benefits so they do not have to wait and get old before they enjoy the fruit of their labor. At least we get to travel with them now. I love them both!


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