My NBA Top Picks

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My top teams for this season are quite easy. I am pushing my luck though on the Cleveland Cavaliers since LEBRON JAMES is still resting and the whole team is winning game after game. Maybe if they do let him play soon it would look like a massacre on the court. Second best would probably be everyone's favorite the LA LAKERS. I don't really have that much to say but how can people forget KOBE BRYANT and his philandering days... he just played a lot and won a couple of championships and now everyone is treating him like a saint. I am not surprised though because people easily forget. Now they are the league's defending champion, they will be the heavy contender to butt heads against the Cavaliers. In the end I think when LEBRON plays, they will probably be easy to beat. I hope there was some way for me to have nba expert picks so I would not be guessing who will win this season. There are lots of on line resources like where I could start looking at.

Boston could also be in the running for America's next top basketball team but it could be a long shot. I think the losses they had in the past might hunt them and if they are going to be pit against the Cavaliers, they wouldn't stand a chance. Orlando had a few failed games so if ever there would be a battle from the east, it would be between those three. Who's your pick?! Would you take a chance on LA or Cavaliers?! The Spurs already lost so my favorite team is not on the list ha-ha!


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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

malaki nga ang chance na mag champion ngayon ang cleveland..