Over a Cup of Chocolate =P~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

There is something that I got addicted to all of a sudden. I haven’t been eating dinner for the past few days and just resorted to drinking this. I dunno if it is going to still make me fat ha-ha! But I hope it does get me a little bit smaller when the time comes. I usually prepare it in a mug given to me by my friend Robby. Well actually it is his wife who gave it but the thought counts haha.

Over a cup of chocolate I think I am getting a little better at work. I am getting the hang of it even if we had tons of reports to finish today. It keeps me cool under pressure. It makes every evening a little more fun than usual. I like it and I will probably do this in the next couple of weeks until I get used to the norm and probably look for something different to drink soon.

I probably also stop eating whole carbs. Specially those that I cook at home. Just recently I had this urge for pesto and I cooked the hell out of the pasta at home. I love it a lot! I love the way basil mixes with olive oil and nuts. Maybe its the nutty flavor. I dunno really but it is so addictive that I do not want to eat the regular spaghetti anymore... red or white I hate it more!

I also registered for the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 event from Sir Anton's blog OurAwesomPlanet.com. I want to be there by hook or by crook! =) Lotsa food to taste in so little time! There goes the diet! LOL



Sendo said...

wow....nung tinry ko magdiet 1 week lang kaya ko eh... T_T wanna loose some lbs too.... T_T...good luck sa chocquik hehe and diet

Random Student said...

remember hinabla yan ng milo. sino ba nanalo sa kanila?