My Eyes Hurt

Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't know what's wrong with me but this has been bugging me since this morning. I have high blood pressure I guess but this time, my eyes hurt... and it hurts a lot. I have been trying to sleep it off since it maybe that I am just tired but I am not that sleepy anymore so I'm trying to look for things with these symptoms. My doctor named google LOL just told me a lot of things but I probably should visit a real doctor soon.

I didn't know there was high blood pressure in the eyes and most probably I will be able to know what went wrong with mine after I go out of gym tomorrow. I haven't been working out for the longest time. I think it has been about 3 weeks already. I probably am wasting hardearned money on monthly dues but I have to make these things available for me whenever I get the itch to go back and workout again. I just hate it when I can't... because I am either too sleepy or too stressed from work already that I don't have the energy to lift weights or run for a while. The problem is, I even drink beer right after I go out of gym. I even smoke on some instances. I need to go back and do a healthy lifestyle. I am trying you know!

I'll visit the clinic later. Maybe get some sort of first aid on this thing because it still hurts. I hope it is nothing serious. I'll have my blood pressure checked just to make sure. I hope it is not related to my high blood findings last corporate checkup. I mean I am kinda used to them saying that I am. I just don't like them pushing it. =P


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