I'm a Big Shot!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I break balls every once in a while and since it was a slow day yesterday, my friends and I decided to go to BIG SHOT... a billiards hall where all the coolest guys and gals usually meet. It is conveniently located in the same city as I am and I was a frequent customer of this establishment since I was in college. As you know, whenever we didn't have classes or if we decide to cut classes (not that I am suggesting you do the same) this is the only hobby I had that is close to being inside a bar. That was the time when I laid low on going out to drinking sprees and disco houses in the metro but it was still significantly outside of my comfort zone if I needed a break from all the hardships of studying Computer Engineering. It was also the best thing to do because all the girls there carrying their own pool cues which I find extremely hot. Oh you can't blame me right?!

I became a little addicted to it that I had to purchase one of my own. I didn't want to be the lame guy who did not have his own cue stick right?! So I got one that felt right in my hands. It had to be sufficiently long since I am a pretty tall guy. The sticks I got even have the jump cue packaged with it so it was a good deal. Filipinos are really good at this sport and continue to be at the top when it comes to any game in the billiard table. I think I also have got my share of victories here and there on small tournaments but I would not want to brag about it. I got better with it because I enjoyed the game a lot and I became passionate about it too. Anything that I put my mind into looks easy after a few days. I think the discipline and inspiration from other players from this side of the world tend to be influential on what we become as players. I think I listened to the right people and I hope I continue this hobby of mine and be a professional artist someday. I'm crossing my fingers and you should do the same. Please include the ones on your feet too ha-ha!


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