I Had A Bad Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have a bad hangover from this morning's drinking spree. I don't know what happened but I still managed to get home. I am a little upset because I still remember some details this morning. I want to forget it though. It was one bad day but hey I still have to be optimistic!

I made some friends in twitter today... all the way from the visayas region. It's amazing how it makes everything seem so close. Technology really breaks boundaries!

Now that I have a hangover, I popped a couple of tablets of my favorite hangover solution called BIOGESIC hehe. Not that I am plugging it but man it makes that headache go away in an hour or less. It is really effective and I like how it handles everything. Now I have time to write about my misadventures again on my site.

I am reading other people's blog again. Even if I do not believe in what they say I still take time to comment and give my thoughts about it. Then I still have some haters posting on my chat box over there >>>>>

It's okay though, I believe this is a free country.. but if it gets out of hand I'll do something about it hehehe =P


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