Internet at This Part of the Globe

Friday, April 09, 2010

It's so hard to work in my shoes because I literally have to be on line 24/7. With my bosses outside the country I need some way to always stay connected with them as I do my everyday thing even at home. I often go to our house in the south which is around 4 to 5 hours drive south of Manila. It is kind of primitive there and some people never even heard of computers; let alone Internet connection. The local telecommunications provider cannot just put up a couple of thousand posts to get their line into your homes just to get you on line. If there were companies like wild blue satellite that would be able to get us connected in remote areas then it would be just perfect. The mountains and thick forest areas that surround our house are not really a good place to start with measly cell phone signals. Some people tried to convince us using 3G but I have been an expert in WIFI and networking devices since 1993 so you get the idea I was probably the last person who would not be falling for anything like that. I also know from my data communication classes in college about satellites and how they perform in far flung places. The mighty men and women of the US military depend on this technology too so who am I to argue right?!

I know how to configure ROUTERS and MODEMS. I know how they work great with satellite connections and these have been the practice in the United States too. Imagine having the convenience of wireless connections in your own home. Upload and download speed must not be sacrificed just because you are in a remote location. There are ways how people can benefit now from satellite Internet connection and they should grab the opportunity now. I don't want to live in the countryside and suffer getting way behind in news. I don't want my work to pile up when I can finish some of it at home while I take a break from the stress in the office. Am I right?!




Is this ur main site? I think u have 4 sites when I went to yar profile.

Anw, cool site lay out u have :)

I suppose ur employers are foreigners?

mr.nightcrawler said...

o ayan.. andito na ako parekoy... at talagang di ka masipag mag-blog ha? hehe. cool blog man. at talagang kinunan mo pa ng stolen shot boss mo ha? lagot ka, sumbong kita. hehe. since madami kang posts at isa ka pala sa mga pioneers ng blogosperyo, babasahin ko muna mga sina-una mong posts, a'ayt? ayos :P